Vlieland is the place to be for a weekend getaway to the surf in the Netherlands. You can really score some good waves, but the island itself is already worth the trip. It has been my home for quite a few summers and truth to be told; to me it's the best place in to be in the Netherlands. 


The video you're watching is the promo I made for the so called 'surfweekends'. It's a 2 night stay at the Surfana Surfcamp on Vlieland during the weekends in summertime. If you're interested, check out their website.



The promo you're watching is something I made back in the beginning of 2015. Surfana had a project/collaboration with an excisting hostel in Canggu. Although the project was terminated not long after I made this video, it's still a nice way to get an impression of the island.



My second surftrips season with Surfana. I shot several short videos during the weeks in France and Portugal.
If you still want to experience a week with the Surfana Surftrips in 2018 you can join them in the Azores this summer or Portugal in the fall. It's an amazing experience you definitely won't forget.



The last episode of the "Trip" series that year, arriving in the, always beautiful, Algarve in Portugal.